Authentic Mexican street food with fresh tortillas, made in “the house” everyday!




chips with salsa​ > ​just made chips with green tomatillo or red roasted tomato salsa 4.29

guacamole and chips​ > ​smashed avocados, pico, fresh lime topped with radish and served with just made chips 5.95

traditional queso​ > ​white cheddar with green chilies, fire roasted jalapeño and just made chips 5.95

street corn nachos​ > ​tortilla chips topped with queso sauce, creamed corn, queso fresco, blanco crema and cilantro 8.95

queso con chorizo​ >​ white cheddar with green chilies, fire roasted jalapeño, house-made chorizo and just made chips 6.95

chicken chicharrones​ > ​seasoned fried chicken skins served with habanero bbq and jalapeño ranch sauces 3.95

tortilla poppers​ >​ fried flour tortillas filled with cream cheese, fresh jalapeño and bacon, served with orange salsa and jalapeño ranch 7.95

quesadilla​ >​ seasoned veggies, carnitas, chicken or brisket inside a flour tortilla with pepper jack cheese, pico and black beans. served with rojo salsa and shredded lettuce 8.95

build your own queso​ > ​ask your server

soup and salad

chicken tortilla soup​ > ​chicken with sweet peppers in a spicy tomato broth topped with blanco crema, crispy tortilla strips and queso fresco 4.49

corn off the cob salad​ > ​romaine, sweet corn, black beans, red peppers, pico, chicken, bleu cheese-honey mustard vinaigrette with crispy tortilla strips and queso fresco 8.95

taco salad​ > ​seasoned ground beef or fajita chicken, romain, shredded cheese and pico inside a fried flour tortilla bowl. served with blanco creme and rojo salsa 8.95

smothered burrito supreme

flour tortilla filled with seasoned rice, black beans, onions and your choice of meat and topped with cheese

smoked chicken > 8.95
seasoned ground beef > 8.95
shredded beef > 9.95


three fresh corn tortillas filled with your choice of one:

smoked chicken > 8.95
seasoned ground beef > 8.95

smothered in cheese and your choice of red roasted tomato sauce, green tomatillo sauce or queso sauce served with mexican rice, onions and blanco crema


crispy fried flour tortilla filled with flavorful meat and cheese

smoked chicken and black bean​ ​> ​8.95
seasoned ground beef​ ​> ​8.95
shredded beef​ ​> ​9.95

your choice of red roasted tomato sauce, green tomatillo sauce or queso sauce served with onions, cilantro and blanco crema

specialty bowls

fajita fiesta bowl – ​chicken or steak​ ​> ​seasoned rice, black beans, creamed corn, topped with marinated beef or fajita chicken, red and yellow peppers, onions, shredded cheese, blanco crema and tortilla strips 9.95

chicken citrus bowl​ > ​seasoned rice, black beans, red roasted tomato salsa, creamed corn, topped with citrus-marinated chicken, queso fresco, orange salsa, cilantro and tobacco onions 9.95

add beans and rice

mexican black beans​ > ​house-made black beans topped with queso fresco 2.49
mexican red rice​ > ​seasoned rice, sweet corn, pico and onions 1.99

add a side

red slaw ​>​ chipotle slaw ​> b​lanco crema ​>​ queso fresco ​>​ guacamole ​>​ tobacco onions ​>​ orange salsa ​> ​serrano-avocado salsa ​>​ pico ​>​ creamed corn >​ shredded cheese ​>​ sriracha tartar ​>​ onions ​> ​jalapeño ranch ​> ​habanero bbq ​> dressings: bleu cheese-honey mustard vinaigrette and sweet onion vinaigrette ​> ​add .79 each

traditional tacos

carne asada​ > ​marinated steak, onions, radish, cilantro, with serrano-avocado salsa and queso fresco 3.89

chicken fajita​ > ​fajita chicken, onions, red and yellow peppers, with shredded cheese and blanco crema 3.89

gringo​ > ​seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese, pico and lettuce 3.19

steak fajita​ > ​marinated steak, onions, red and yellow peppers, with shredded cheese and blanco crema 4.49

chicken tinga​ > ​spicy smoked chicken with pico, cilantro, queso fresco and blanco crema 3.89

barbacoa​ > ​smoked beef brisket, chipotle slaw, fresh red peppers, cilantro and orange salsa 4.49

specialty tacos

buffalo chicken​ > ​crispy chicken in buffalo sauce, pico, lettuce, queso fresco and jalapeño ranch 3.89

cilantro lime chicken​ > ​lime-marinated chicken, pico, cilantro, queso fresco and jalapeño ranch 3.89

crispy fish​ > ​crispy crusted whitefish, red slaw, sriracha tartar, fried capers and serrano-avocado salsa 3.89

crispy chicken & mango​ ​>​ crispy crusted chicken, fresh spinach, shredded cheese, fresh diced mango and house-made sweet onion vinaigrette 3.89

vegetarian​ > ​grilled queso fresco, creamed corn, pico, black beans, serrano-avocado salsa and blanco crema 3.69

shrimp a la parilla​ > ​grilled shrimp, creamed corn, pico, serrano-avocado salsa and jalapeño ranch 4.69

pork belly “agridulce”​ > ​sweet and sour smoked pork belly, tobacco onions, red slaw and au jus 4.69

bbq chicken​ > ​smoked chicken, shredded cheese, onions, cilantro, tobacco onions and habanero bbq 3.89

tacos molcajete

mexican-style marinated meat and vegetables served in a bubbling broth, topped with shredded cheese and served with fresh tortillas and serrano-avocado salsa ~ serves 3-4 tacos

beef and peppers ​with blanco crema and tortilla strips 12.95
jalapeño chicken​ with jalapeños and jalapeño ranch 12.49


churro waffles​ > ​mini churro waffles with almond glaze, cinnamon sugar, ice cream and your choice of caramel or chocolate sauce 5.95