Vinyl Taco drinks are handmade by our mixologists. Plus, the finest tequilas, cervezas and margaritas served like no place else!

specialty drinks

margaritas > regular, strawberry, or raspberry

cadillac margarita > milagro silver, patrón citrónge, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, salted rim, lime wedge

“let’s get it on” lemonade > lavender-infused 1800 silver tequila, muddled blueberries, lemonade

“foxy lady” fresa > strawberry moonshine, strawberry purée, fresh lime juice, splash lemon lime

“rocket man” mojito (reg, rasp, straw, or blueberry) > milagro silver, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, mint, soda

“proud mary” piña colada > malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk, simple syrup, orange wedge

“slow ride” spiked sangria > sangria (red or white), casa noble crystal blanco, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, orange wedge

“afternoon delight” avorita > patrón reposado, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, serrano avocado salsa, salted rim, lime wedge

“smoke on the water” paloma > casamigos mezcal, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, splash lemon lime, chili powder rim, lime wedge

rosa “radar love” maria > avión silver, la pinta granada, muddled rosemary, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, rosemary garnish


tequila mi campo blanco​ ​
tequila mi campo reposado​ ​
el jimador blanco
el jimador reposado
casa noble blanco
milagro silver​ ​
milagro reposado​ ​​​
milagro select barrel​ ​
1800 silver​ ​
​patrida reposado
avion silver​
avion reposado
avion añejo​​ ​​ ​​ ​
maestro dobel “diamante”​ ​reposado​ ​
patron silver
patron reposado​ ​​
patron añejo​
casamigos blanco
casamigos reposado
casamigos ​añejo
casamigos mezcal
don julio blanco
don julio reposado​
don julio añejo​
​patron extra añejo
clase azul plata​ ​
clase azul reposado​ ​
patron gran platinum ​
clase azul añejo​

single serve wines

woodbridge by robert mondavi 
cabernet • chardonnay

beer on tap

bell’s two hearted 16oz
bud light 16oz
corona light 16oz
dos equis amber 16oz
dos equis lager 16oz
modelo especial 16oz
kona big wave 16oz
stone ripper pale ale 16oz

make any tap beer a michelada > clamato, fresh lime juice, tabasco, worcestershire, chili-salt rim
make any tap beer a beermosa > hand-squeezed orange juice, lemon wedge

beer in bottles & cans

angry orchard
blue moon
bud light
busch light pounders
coors light
corona light
deschutes black butte porter
fargo stone’s throw scottish ale
fulton hop star session ipa pounder
mich ultra
miller lite
negra modelo
pbr pounder
stone tangerine express ipa
white claw (flavors vary)
what’s in season? ask for details


gosling’s ginger beer ​
st. pauli n.a.​ ​

agua frescas “Fresh Waters”

agua de horchata​ ​> cinnamon and vanilla infused rice milk
agua de hibiscus​ ​> a bright, floral and tangy tea made from hibiscus flower with a squeeze of lime
san pellegrino > sparkling natural mineral water
san pellegrino aranciata rossa > fresh orange and blood orange
san pellegrino limonata > fresh lemon

mexican soda

coke​ ​
​fanta piña​ ​
​fanta grape​ ​